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Thread: free 70 gallon with fish, plants, equipment, wood, etc

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    free 70 gallon with fish, plants, equipment, wood, etc

    I have a 70 gallon freshwater planted aquarium that I want to give away (along with various pumps, filters, heaters, etc). The fish include a clown loach and a loach with red fins and a black body that have been living in the tank together for several years. The tank also has a population of fancy guppies that have been reproducing for many generations over several years and so are well acclimated to the aquarium environment. I have several conditions for anyone who wants this tank. First, they must promise to take care of the fish and acclimate them carefully to any new environment. Secondly, they must break down the aquarium putting the fish, water and plants in several large containers for transfer (the fish are adjusted to the current water conditions). Third, I would like the people who take the tank to be experienced aquarium keepers.

    I also have several 20 gallon aquariums that are empty and a large water trough that would be suitable for basement, garage, or outdoor use.

    Please contact me through this message portal.


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    What kind of plants are there in it?

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    I would love to regime your fish and setup. I have sent you a pm. Feel free to reach me at or 6788235759

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    Hi, Joe:

    If you haven't already arranged to give this to someone else, I would be interested. Put me on your list. And, where are you located?

    The 'other' Larry

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    I am interested in the 20s and the trough.

    Mark V.

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    Did you find a home for the 70 set up? I have been keeping fish since I was 15 am 55 now! I have a 55 with co2 and power compacts . Would love a bigger tank but cant spend the money at this time. Loaches are at the top of my list for favorite fish. I love growing plants , co2 is amazing. I would also be interested in the water trough, want to breed some platys outside this summer. Call me if you like 256 831 7295. Stephanie

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    Sorry guys/gals. Tanks and trough were taken. Thread can be closed.

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