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Thread: LED lights in a planted tank?

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    Would something like this:

    work for a 10g or 20g tall tank, for simple ilumination and to possibly keep just java moss/hornwort alive?

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    No! Isn't bright enough for low light plants.
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    They do have one with 3W LEDs instead of the 1W ones...that would probably be more suitable?

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    Only 9 LEDs? Seems expensive.

    Assuming you have a tank that needs light and has no top of any kind... and a 20T is 24" wide...

    Buy a led strip and power cord online. $26, free shipping, for a 20 inch section with 48 LEDs.

    Trip to Home Depot...
    $2 for a 2x4 (if they don't have free pieces lying around)...
    $1 for a small pack of screws (if you don't already have some around the house)...
    Pair of 2x2 scraps.

    Cut one piece of 2x4 to a length of 24".
    Cut two pieces of 2x4 to be the 2" plus height you desire the light over the water. So, if you want 6" above, cut the boards 8".
    Screw through the short boards into the end of the 24" board. IE, your riser boards are capping the end of the 24". This forms a "U".
    Cut the 2x2 scraps into two 6"-8" pieces.
    Screw the 2x2s to the inside of the "U", 1/2" from the ends.

    Stain or paint the project your desired color.

    Staple or glue the LED strip to the inside of the "U" on the 24" piece.

    Place on tank. The lightbar should rest on the tank sides on the 2x2 pieces, while the 1/2" overhang from the 2x4 risers prevents lateral motion. It will still slide front and back, but that's a feature!

    You get 39 more LEDs for the same price, and save money because the ebay thing doesn't have free shipping. It takes minutes to build with a Cordless Drill and a Power Saw... an hour doing it the Amish way. Beverage break while the paint or stain dries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mog Carns View Post
    Buy a led strip and power cord online. $26, free shipping, for a 20 inch section with 48 LEDs.
    Are you talking about this strip?
    or this strip?

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    Those LED strips are not "plug & play"... you need a power source, a controller/dimmer/on-off switch and connecting wires, depending on what you are getting. Some need soldering, some are plug-in-connectable (but more expensive). So, by the time you add the other necessary add-ons to the list you are looking at 50-80 bucks easy...

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    Flexible strips.
    Order length you want.

    Comes with preattached sticky back and a power plug in at each end.

    Power cord $10

    If you want dimmers, and switches, or magnetic contact switches, and interconnect cables to connect together several strips... they have those. However, strip and power cord works. Unplug to turn off. These kinda are "plug and play". I did see a bunch of people selling the ones you are talking about and they look like a royal pain in the ass. I kept looking until I found this product.

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    I think the spectrums of the lights are good only for anubias, ferns and mosses.
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    LED strip mounted to 20G

    Ordered a 20" Cool White(6500K) LED strip / power supply from Inspired LED...stuff arrived yesterday :) Took about 1/2 hour to make a little mount, and Presto-Change-O, let there be light!


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    I really love how the multiple light sources react with the water's surface to give it that... rippling? look.

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