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Thread: LED lights in a planted tank?

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    At 1 of the meetings this LED light bulb was presented

    For a factory LED light strip the current LED Plus seems like a great great choice. Wish I had known about it when I got started in this hobby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Igster View Post
    Ordered a 20" Cool White(6500K) LED strip / power supply from Inspired LED...
    Wow!! That is a very bright light. You need to diffuse the light or inject Co2 to avoid algae problems.

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    It's 6 inches above the water line, but I will monitor the algae - if I do get any i'll slip a piece of diffusor panel on the tank top.

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    I need to learn how to do my setup like you guys' in the garage. My garage is full of other misc stuff because I have too many hobbies.

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    LOL I hear ya - I like woodworking so my garage is full of bandsaws, table saws, routers, sanders, & a bajillion other tools, as well as dog airline crates & some appliances that we stored there temporarily after doing some kitchen remodeling.

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