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Thread: Back yard critter. Can anyone identify?

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    Not a wolpertinger. Got an Orange Wolpertinger the next day.
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    IDK, but it sure is pretty!

    He looks to be a fox though and it isnt all that odd that he could have injured his tail. He may be a lucky fella to have escaped with his life.
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    Foxes can be all shades of red to gray and a mix of both. They will also come out at all hours of the day and night.
    It's a fox minus a tail.

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    I know why he is missing his tail. I have foxtail in one of my 29s!

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    David hello my name is Patrick and I live in Grayson this is unrelated to the fox. I’ve tried a couple of times to purchase a culture of grindal worms through the mail but was unsuccessful. A couple of years ago I purchased micro worms from you and still have the culture. I watched several videos of you culturing grindal worms ,is there a slight chance that I can purchase a culture of grindal worms from you.

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