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Thread: more BAP questions

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    Hi Heatherbeast, I think as far as the info on the BAP, other folks including Ken have filled you in pretty good. Please send me an email to so that I can email you the latest version of the submission form for your BAP entries in Microsoft word which is nicer than the PDF form from the website since you can write on it and save your files on your computer for constant update and future reference. Thanks for your interest on the BAP. Luis
    Mother Nature thanks for being such a good mom!!

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    Don't want to sell fearing too low a price? If so, perhaps if when the time comes you let us know the price you want. If someone will assure they will pay at least that, then would you bring them for auction and BAP points? Just a thought. L316 is an awesome fish.

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    I might. They are growing well and eating good so I am sure they will survive. I am hoping for another spawn in the next week or two. If they breed successfully again I will sell those, otherwise I want to keep them to get my breeding group up to 12. The last batch was around 15 to 20 but the male left the cave and the little ones ventured out and got attacked. Only the five that stayed in the cave survived. I am raising them in a breeder insert. I am checking weekly for new eggs/wrigglers. Next time I will move the cave and male into a breeder insert so even if he decides to abandon the kids, they will remain safe. Wish I had done that last time. Then I would have enough to sell some.

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    Hi Everyone,
    Can someone explain the BAP to me? What's this I heard about Breeder points? What are those? I'm still a fairly new member. It's easiest if you PMed me with the information.

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    PM'ed with some (hopefully) helpful answers :)


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