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Thread: Help with Planted tank problems

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    -You sound like you've successfully managed a low tech tank and I value that input!
    I bought the T5 HO lighting, because I wanted to buy a fixture that would have the flexibility to light a 90G tank (24" deep) and or install a pressurized CO2 tank. Both are down the road but I wanted lighting that wouldn't need upgrading and allow that flexibility down the road. Sadly it presents problems for me now. Too much light for a 55G low tech :/
    - I went to HomeDepot today so I'll take your advice and lower the light intensity using the window screen method. Cuts it by 40% for the first screen and 64% the second.

    -Great advice on the dwarf water lettuce! I totally agree, and will get some off Ebay later in the week when I move my tank into my college dorm. I'm going to keep a 4ft tank in my room as long as the RA doesn't know and or care. Back on topic, I guess I really just want it on in the morning from 7-8 and after all my clases till 11. I really could get by on a schedule like 7-8am then 4pm-11pm. That would be 8 hours and I'd reluctantly settle at that. You have to remember I originally thought I could do a planted tank for 14 hours and now I'm being pulled back to reality slowly.
    -It is brown diatom algae that doesn't come off in flakes, but instead appears in spots and can be wiped off with my thumb. I am considering removing all plants then using algae-cides from LFS to kill all algae then scrub clean.

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    Don't bother with eBay you can come get some water lettuce from me. I have a mix of that and amazon frog bit. Don't add any duckweed you will regret that. The shade provided by the floaters will probably do the trick until you get some more demanding plants. There will be some at the October auction.

    Pm me if you want to take me up on the offer. I can probably have enough to cover the whole tank.

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    Ah...brown algae (diatoms)...that's actually good news. I wouldn't worry about it too much. It will take care of itself. Just keep doing water changes. Most tanks will go through this before the become established. It can take months for a planted tank to finally establish itself.


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    -It'd be a 100 mile round trip to get to Buford from Kennesaw area so it really makes the most sense to order online. Thanks though and if you were closer I would definitely jump on that offer.

    - That's good to hear! I really feel like I am doing it all wrong, but I'll stick it out and fight the good fight against brown algae for 3 months then if it's still such a pain I'll prob switch to fish only and give up for now. I mean I can ONLY invest so much time scrubbing all the rocks, decor and driftwood clean.

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