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Thread: CO2 Regulator, 29g, 10g w/ pump hood, heaters

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    CO2 Regulator, 29g, 10g w/ pump hood, heaters

    CO2 regulator with solenoid for sale. $50 OBO.

    20 gallon tank high - $10

    10 gallon tank with hood and HOB filter - $10

    250w Aqueon Heater - $10

    Fluval E-Series Heater - $10 - This is a nice heater and is either 250w or 300w....I can't figure out which one I bought because there are no markings on the heater with details (or I'm blind)
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    If your going to be at the meeting on Sat. I'll take the 10 Gal. w/ hood and filter.


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