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Thread: Setting up a 75 Gallon Tank for the first time?

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    The two Gorumis and Loach are in seperate, very empty 10 gallon tanks. The Loach was in the 20 but then the Eclipse Cat ate the Betta that was in there so I took him out. The Gorumis we just got, and they're in the other 10 gallon that just has some Glo Tetras. I don't plan to keep the loach or the Gorumis there for longer than I have to because I know the tank is too small, but I wanted to prevent any other fish casualties since I didn't know how the Eclipse Cat would react to the Gorumis.

    The 75 is my fourth tank, and I do plan to post pics of them all soon XD

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    IF you are looking for advice, the 10s are perfect for a Dwarf Gourami. Bettas and Gourami are anabantids, which are not really known for their swimming. However, your pair are both males (the females being drab, usually) and male anabantids don't do well together. The dwarfs you can have several in a tank, if you have a good number to spread out the aggression... but small numbers will fight and end up with the weaker being bullied to death. A 10 is not enough for a large group of Dwarf Gourami, but it is more than wonderful for a single and some small tetras.

    I know nothing of the loach. However, you can plan on catfish eating ANYTHING that will fit in their mouth.

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    I actually have 2. The tank with the Gouramis has 6 tetras about 1 inch long (They're the GloTetras. I'm not sure what fish they engineer them from as I know the smaller GloFish are just Danios...) and I wasn't sure if it was overcrowded with the six tetras and two Gouramis (PetsMart calls the ones I have Powdered Blue Gouramis. I'll try and post a picture of them. I don't think they're male since their colors are pretty good but they don't bully each other). Even though the tank is pretty full I've watched them an no one is getting bullied or anything. There is some nipping within the tetra school but I know that's normal, and the two Gouramis. So if you think that's okay then I'll think of something else to do with my 20. I'm thinking of putting my Loach in there since I want more, the one I have is still small, but he's getting too big for a 10.

    Yeah, I found that out about catfish the hard way. I had him in the 20 when he was small but then he got bigger and ate the betta that we had in there as well as one of my clown loaches. So, I need rather large fish to put in 75 tank so that the catfish won't eat them, but I also don't want them to be so huge that I can only put a couple in there. Plus they need to be able to stay in that tank for a while and not outgrow it anytime soon, since I don't know when I'll be able to get the hundred and 52 gallon tank that I really want. I was actually thinking getting a couple more Striped Raphael Catfish since they tend to be social and I already have one and giant Danios or angelfish or something for the top. I'm not comfortable with putting my loach in there yet since he's still small.
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    Hey, everything is generalities.

    You don't treat all people as the same... it works the same for fish. If you have a pair that are happy to coexist, lucky you. Just have a plan if the happy couple files for divorce.

    The Powder Blue Gourami is a color morph of the Dwarf Gourami. They are created by selective breeding to bring out certain traits... in this case, more blue and suppressing the red.

    Glo Tetras are genetically modified Black Tetras. They are bioengineered in a lab to encode flourescent protiens into their DNA to produce the colors. Otherwise, their care is exactly the same as for normal Black Tetras.

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    The tank has been set up and active for a few weeks now. I got a school of 5 angelfish (plan to get a couple more). I stocked the 20 gallon safely with some cherry barbs and small clown loaches (two that are 1inch or smaller, so I have 3 again). Everyone is doing well! I'll post some pics very soon. Thank you all tons for the helpful advice! I really appreciate it ^_^

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    Most cichlids only school when they are young. Have a plan for the other 3 angels once they pair up.

    nvm, they may be okay in a 75. Though, 2 pairs divided my 55 and ate each other's spawn
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    Okay. The man who sold them to me did tell me that they are loose schoolers. I planned to get an even number of them anyway so that will work out fine I think. I haven't had any spawning yet with any of my fish, but that might be because the conditions weren't right.

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    In gouramis, males have more pointed dorsal and anal fins, whereas females' are more rounded. Most of the common gouramis don't have sexual dichromism aka males more colorful than females. Bettas are a whole 'nuther kettle o' fish ;)

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    I just looked. I think they're actually both female =) Thank you for telling me about that trick. Now I know how to sex four kinds of fish ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosexknight View Post
    My boyfriend got me a 75 gallon tank for Christmas. We have water in it, the filter going, and we put the recommended dosage of Prime in the water as well. It's pretty clear but also cold and I don't plan to add fish for at least another couple weeks. The thing is, I've never had anything bigger than a 20 gallon tank, so I'm not sure how to initially set up a bigger tank. Is there anything special I need to do? I've heard of cycling but I know it can be complicated. Is there maybe an easy way to do it?

    Then there's the fish themselves. We have an eclipse catfish that we rescued from a friend when he was a baby, but he's now too big for the 20 gallon we have him in (he's the reason we have the 75, and I am aware we'll have to upgrade again too). He's probably about 4 inches? Maybe 5? We also have a striped Raphael catfish that's pretty big (3 inches) that we plan to put in there too. I would really like some clown loaches. I have had three but over the past couple years I'm now only down to one (two inches). And of course I was thinking a bristlenose pleco for the bottom and algae control.

    So yeah. I would be very grateful for any advice about setting up the tank itself first and then stocking it second, please.
    Did you ever get your clown loaches? I have one that is too big for my tank. Are you interested?

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