So the light in my 75 gallon went out about a week ago. I got a new one at Lowes, but when I put it into the tank I noticed it had a more yellow glow. A few days later I noticed much more algae in my tank, though I'm not sure if it's because of the light or the window that the tank is across from.

Regardless, I plan to get some moss balls for the aquarium since I know (or at least have been told) that they don't need the fancy CO2 pump that I can't afford, and I know they will "starve" the algae and then I won't have to disturb my fish by scraping the algae off the glass every few days. However, I would also like to get a Pleco for the tank since I know they are helpful with that too. I know that they will not fix the problem 100% but I don't wanna keep stressing my angelfish out.

Now, I've done some research and I have found that Bristlenose plecos are basically the only Plecos that shouldn't bother flat fish like the angels I have. However, all places to get them here sell them small, and I am afraid that if I put a small one in there he'll just be a quick meal for the Eclipse Cat that I have in there. Or worse, fight my Eclipse Cat when he goes to eat him and result in the loss of both fish, so I need a full grown Bristlenose, which get about 5", which will be perfect because then he'll be too big for the Eclipse Cat to eat.

Does anyone know of a site or shop that I can get one? I wasn't able to come to the last meeting but will there possibly be one there? Or if anyone has any other suggestions I'll be totally open to that.

P.S. - I'm also looking to get a couple more adult Striped Raphael Catfish (Or Talking Catfish) so tips there will help too.

Thank you in advanced!!