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Thread: 75 gallon freshwater tank tear down

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    75 gallon freshwater tank tear down

    75 gallon tank with stand and hagen glo light.
    2-canister eheim
    1-fluval 405 canister
    1-hob fluval filter
    1-in tank fluval filter
    2-hob eheim filters
    2-digital fluval heater
    1-reflective fluval heater
    a lot of black seachem sand (enough to plant in and fill 75 gallon
    box of miscellaneous rocks and wood
    box of halved coconut shells
    4-5 pieces of charred bamboo of varying sizes...smallest ~10"long 2"diameter, biggest ~10"long 4"diameter
    nets, siphon, other stuff, food.
    55 gallon-no stand or light

    all or nothing.

    $300 obo
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    Interested in the Sterbai Cories, can you please send me pricing ? Thx

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    I am interested in the plecos. Would you tell me color, size, and price?



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    Hi Tommy,

    Sorry, should've edited the post. The plecos are gone...all that's left is the tank itself and all the other fish supplies we have.

    Take care,


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    Price drop to $250 for everything. Great tank and supplies, deserves to have some fish in it!

    Take care everyone and stay warm!

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