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Thread: Freshwater oddballs in stock

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    Freshwater oddballs in stock

    ​We've Got our freshwater rolling, including some oddballs and unusuals. Including:
    Flowerhorn Cichlid
    Various idscus
    Ornate Bichir
    Praecox rainbows
    Boesemann rainbows
    Threadfin rainbows
    Australian Rainbows
    Silver arowana
    Jardini arowana
    Lionhead goldfish
    live plants
    Lots more!

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    How much are the thread fins?

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    Theyre $6.99, but theyre tiny. Ill give 10% discount if you mention this forum too. :)

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    Just sold off my last flowerhorns, need some new ones. What kind do you have and how much?

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    Here is exactly. :)
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