Hi, thank you for allowing us to become a sponsor for the AAAA. We are a new tropical fish food company located here in the South.

We have been breeding Rift Lake African cichlids going on 30 years now. We have tried every single manufactured fish food there is on the market and was never completely happy with any of them. One day about five years ago, we decided to try and make our own fish food. We began studying the ingredients and nutritional analysis of each type of food by making comparison charts. Then took all the knowledge we learned about the different types of fish and their dietary needs by breeding fish plus all the research we had compiled on the different fish foods on the market. We then decided that we could and would make a fish food far superior to any other food available.

First and most importantly, we were trying to make a binder using a minimal amount of starch. We knew that eggs were used in holding baked goods together so why couldn't we use it to keep whole fish meal together? We tried actually breaking whole chicken eggs apart and taking the whites out but that got way too messy. So we then decided to use dried egg whites. Having a binder that has 75% protein with a complete amino acid profile separates our food from any other fish food on the market today.

Secondly our food is designed to maximize net energy gain. This makes feeding less and getting at least as much or more energy gain possible. When the fish can use more of the food it leads to less waste in your aquarium. Less waste in your aquarium obviously means a cleaner tank and therefore healthier and happier fish.

The end result is an all natural, no filler, 100% Gluten Free fish food. By reading our label you will know exactly what you are feeding your fish. We do not use the min/max system that every other label uses so you will never have to guess what percentage of starch, protein, fat, etc is in the food. You spend hundreds (and hundreds) of dollars on your fish....so why not give them the very best fish you that you possibly can.

Quality in every crumb...

Our product line is having its "Official" public launch next month at the ACA in Louisville, KY where we will be located in the Vendor Room. You can check out our website at www.paradigmfishfood.com. There are currently only a few Authorized Retailers listed but more is going to be added over the next few months. We are always looking for more people to carry the product line so if you are an actual store front or an online business you can contact us at paradigmfishfood@gmail.com.

Thank you