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Thread: Cool shipment !!!!

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    Cool shipment !!!!

    We got some cool stuff this week.

    400x Cardinal Tetra (BIG SCHOOL !)
    Galaxy Rasbora a.k.a. Celestial Danio
    Porthole Cats
    German Blue Rams + Gold Rams
    White Edge Chocolate Bushynose
    Clown Loach 2in
    100x Zebra Nerites
    Show Peacock Cichlids
    Panda Corydoras
    Corydoras Similis ****(This Cory is only available about one week out of the year and hard to get during that week. We lucked out.)

    We got in lots of other stuff, that's just the highlights.
    Hope to see you soon.

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    Nice Shipment Keith! I knew I should have put in an application!

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    How mu h for the gold rams im looking for females


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