I need to re-home my Columbian Shark Catfish. I was going to go brackish, then found out I had been misled about my other fish and they all need fresh. He's at least 6in and I've had him for at least a year. He grows pretty quickly. He is very friendly with other fish, cooperative with feeding. Healthy.

I'd like to rehome him ASAP so the freshwater water doesn't hurt him, but if necessary I can hold onto him for a little bit while you get your tank in line, if you know you want him.

My main objective is to find him a good home, though ideally I'd like to sell him or trade for something useful. I'm open to whatever you think is a good offer, or whatever you have to give away. I can use freshwater plants, driftwood, really anything useful or cool or random to add more structure to my tank. If it's cool and would help me make my tank feel less empty, I'm not worried about making sure the "values" even out - I just think it would be nice for this exchange to be mutually beneficial in some way. =D

Respond if you are interested and we can talk more. I'm happy to answer any questions, discuss his care, discuss whether or not he is a good tankmate for any fish you currently have or plan to get!!